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This site is the official website of the Tokyo Media Center (hereinafter “TMC”).
TMC is a facility established by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as a base for domestic and global media coverage during the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020. Serving as a news gathering base and a place to provide information separate from the Main Press Centre (MPC) and the International Broadcasting Centre (IBC) established by the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the TMC will continue to transmit information related to the event as well as its host city Tokyo.

Technical Information

I. System Requirements

We recommend using the following systems and browsers for a more optimal viewing of this site. Please note that you may need the latest browser or plug-in software to view this site.

1. PC Operating System
  • Windows 10 or later
    (Windows 7 is excluded because Microsoft will end Windows 7 support in 2020.)
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2. Internet Browser
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3. Smartphone OS
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II. Technology Used

1. Plug-in

Adobe Acrobat Reader (latest version) is required to view and print PDF files. To view video and audio, Microsoft Windows Media Player is required. Some pages require the latest version.

2. Cookies

This site utilizes cookies and other technologies to obtain information for the purposes of achieving a more convenient viewing experience and continuously improving the site. A cookie is a bit of data recorded on your device (computer or mobile device, etc.) as a tag used to identify the device whenever you use it to access this site.

However, the recorded information does not include any personal data such as your name, address, or telephone number. In addition, cookies do not have a direct adverse effect on your computer.
To assess the access status of each page, we may use cookies from third-party companies that are outsourced by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
You can turn off cookies by going into your browser settings, but doing so could affect the operation of this site.
Please consult your software’s help section or contact the manufacturer for more information on these browser settings.

The following tools are used on this site.

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3. JavaScript

Portions of this site use JavaScript for a more optimal user experience. Please note that if JavaScript is not turned on (enabled) in your browser settings, it may negatively affect the viewing or functions of this site.

4. SSL (TLS)

This site uses TLS encryption for all services to improve its security level. To use the relevant services, your web browser must be compatible with TLS1.2. The use of such a secure browser will automatically encrypt all transmitted personal information, such as names, addresses, and phone numbers. Even if a third party intercepts the transmitted data, there is no need to worry about the contents being stolen. In addition, the website may not be accessible due to firewall settings.

5. PDF

The Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe Systems Incorporated is required to view files in the PDF file format. If Adobe Acrobat Reader is not installed or the contents of the homepage are not displayed correctly, please download the latest version of Acrobat Reader.

6. Excel/Word

This site provides some of the attached files in the Microsoft Excel and Word formats. Microsoft Excel and Word are required to view the attached files.

III. Information System Security

This site protects information assets from threats to preserve the trust of all users and to fulfil its social mission as a government agency.

  1. In order to maintain the safety and accuracy of information assets, we will endeavor to prevent the unauthorized access, destruction, falsification, loss, and leakage of this data, and to implement all appropriate safety measures.
  2. The information assets will be handled in strict compliance with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s basic policy on information security, laws, ordinances, and other standards.
  3. In the event of information assets being processed by a third party, the outsourcing will be conducted by the Tokyo Media Center management office under the supervision of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
  4. We will create mechanisms for the continuous improvement of this policy and aim to maintain and improve information security.

Rights and Links

I. Copyright

All texts, illustrations, logos, photos, videos, software, and other information posted on this site are subject to copyright. In addition, the entire official website of the Tokyo Media Center is subject to copyright as a whole, while also being protected by the Copyright Act. The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of copyrighted Tokyo Metropolitan Government or third party content is strictly forbidden except in cases of “reproduction for private use,” “reference,” or other cases specified by the Copyright Act.
However, users of this site may use (duplicate, reprint, and edit) its contents to create their own copyrighted works for the purposes of distributing, transmitting, broadcasting, and displaying said works to third parties within the scope necessary for their reporting activities.
In addition, users are prohibited from providing this site or its contents to third parties, either by competing with the Tokyo Media Center official website (whether free or paid), or by constructing a storage database.

II. Links

As a general rule, links to this site, whether commercial or non-commercial, are permitted. Please specify that the link is to the official website of the Tokyo Media Center.
However, please refrain from setting links that fall under or potentially fall under any of the following categories.
Furthermore, if you wish to link to this website, please send a message to with an explanation on what your website is about, the URL to your website, a clear request to link to this website, your full name, and your contact details.

  1. If a link source includes any expressions that slander or defame the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, other companies (parties), or other organizations;
  2. If a link infringes or potentially infringes on any intellectual property rights, such as copyrights, trademarks, property, privacy, portrait rights, or other rights of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, other companies (parties), or other organizations;
  3. If the link opens in the same frame as the link source, therefore obscuring the fact that the displayed contents belong to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, potentially misleading third parties;
  4. In addition to the above items: if linking violates statutes, including laws, ordinances, and regulations, or goes against public order and morals, or potentially obstructs the operation of this site;
  5. If the link uses, without permission, a logo or mark owned by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government;
  6. If the link misidentifies the information source.

In addition, please understand that the URL of this site may change without notice. Also, please note that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and this site will not be liable for any damages, complaints, or other claims related to third-party links.

Legal Matters

I. Disclaimer

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information posted on this site. However, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is not responsible for any actions made by users using the information on this site. In addition, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is not liable for damages caused by any user’s use of this site and for damages caused to third parties by the user. Information posted on this site may be changed or deleted without notice.

II. Prohibited Matters

The following acts are prohibited while using the site:

  1. Acts that obstruct or interfere with the operation of this site;
  2. Acts that cause or potentially cause damages to other users, third parties, or the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, such as inconvenience, loss, and violation of privacy;
  3. Acts that are contrary or potentially contrary to public order and morals;
  4. Acts that violate laws, statutes, or regulations;
  5. Other acts deemed inappropriate by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

III. Governing Law and Court Jurisdiction

Use of this site and interpretation and application of this site policy shall be governed by the laws of Japan unless otherwise stated. The Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive court of jurisdiction in the first instance for all disputes relating to the use of this site.

Change of Site Policy

This site policy is subject to change without notice.

Privacy Policy

Personal information acquired by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government on this site will be handled and managed appropriately pursuant to the “Handling of Personal Information at the Tokyo Media Center” posted on this site.

Multilingual Policy

Every page of this website is available in Japanese and English in order to reach as many people as possible.
Click “日本語” in the top right corner to display the Japanese site.


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