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Aug. 23

UMEDA Hiromi
Senior Director for International Public Relations, Office of the Governor for Policy Planning

TMC Tutorial II
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Aug. 24

Takaya Ohashi
President, Tokyo Metropolitan University

TMU Premium College: Enriching senior life through lifetime learning

Aug. 25

KOIKE Yuriko
Governor of Tokyo

Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games and Our Efforts

Aug. 26

Dai Tamesue
CEO, Deportare Partners

Athletes in the “zone:” Enjoying the Paralympics as high level competition

Aug. 28

Mila Hasegawa

The reality of Japan as experienced by Gen Z

Aug. 29
★Special Discussion★

KOIKE Yuriko
Governor of Tokyo,
Kathy Matsui
General Partner, MPower Partners,
and Yumiko Murakami
General Partner, MPower Partners

Women’s Leadership and Empowerment: Challenges from Japan’s Ranking as 120th in the World

Aug. 30

Josh Grisdale
Founder, Accessible Japan

Accessible Tokyo

Aug. 31

KAKEHI Seiichiro
Chairman, Tokyo esports UNION

The future of esports and Tokyo

Sep. 1

Miho Ohara
Senior Researcher, International Centre for Water Hazard and Risk Management, Public Works Research Institute

Transdisciplinary Approaches toward Flood Resilient Tokyo

Sep. 2

Mohamed Omer Abdin
CSR Group
Corporate Development Division,
Santen Pharmaceutical, Co., Ltd.

Toward realizing a more accessible and free international city, Tokyo: My wishes and hopes

Sep. 3

Fumino Sugiyama
Co-chair of Tokyo Rainbow Pride

Diversity and inclusion from an LGBTQ perspective — The current situation, issues and the future of Tokyo —

Sep. 4

Mari Christine
Intercultural Communicator

Omotenashi Japan and Legacy
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Sep. 5

KOIKE Yuriko
Governor of Tokyo

Farewell message from the Governor of Tokyo

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