TMC Newsletter |Opening of TMC facility

Governor Koike tours the Tokyo Media Center

The long-awaited Tokyo 2020 Games are about to begin and the Tokyo Media Center (TMC) will have its grand opening on Wednesday, July 21. On Monday, July 19, ahead of the TMC opening, Governor Koike visited the TMC site. The governor viewed the workspace and a number of display booths.


Drink Corner

Governor Koike viewed the Traditional Culture Corner

Tokyo: Traditional Culture Corner

Japanese Liquors Booth

Media Kits

Hand Art Exhibition

While the TMC occupies the second and third floors of Tokyo Sports Square, the Tokyo 2020 Games Area and Tokyo Tokyo ALL JAPAN COLLECTION are located on the first floor and opens from Monday, July 19.

1) Tokyo 2020 Games Area


Tuesday, July 20, we will hold a private viewing. Participants for this were chosen from TMC members that received Accreditation Approval by Wednesday, July 14. Applications exceeded expectations and we thank all that applied.