Tokyo Time Scape –Discover the History and Future of Tokyo’s Urban Development–

We have created a dynamic virtual exhibition called “Tokyo Time Scape” that will showcase the urbanization of Tokyo stretching back to the Edo period while illustrating the bright future that awaits the ever-evolving city, seizing the opportunity presented by the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Content Overview

A 3D virtual space modelled almost as if in an exhibition booth will present the evolution of urban Tokyo through the years, a city that continues to progress with cutting-edge advancements and boasts a long history, a blend of various cultures, and overflowing charms. Audiences will be able to freely access videos and other content full of detailed information via virtual touch panels (in Japanese or English).

Content Features

Point 1:
The creation of a virtual space that feels as if you’ve stepped inside the Tokyo Media Center exhibition space.

Point 2:
Connecting attractive content that allows viewers to understand the history and future of Tokyo’s urban development.

Point 3:
Presenting Tokyo’s urban development in an easy-to-understand format, with visual content and a multitude of detailed information freely accessible via virtual touch panels.

Entrance to the Virtual Exhibition is here (external link).


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