Zero Emission Tokyo Strategy 2020 Update & Report

Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) announces the formulation of the “Zero Emission Tokyo Strategy 2020 Update & Report” in March of 2021.
A year ago, TMG formulated the “Zero Emission Tokyo Strategy” in December 2019, with the aim of achieving net zero CO2 emission by 2050. Since then, the world has been facing an unprecedented crisis with the rapid spread of the coronavirus, and the climate crisis has become even more serious.
The actions we take in the next 10 years leading up to 2030 will be extremely important for achieving the 2050 goal of net zero CO2 emissions. In order to support the acceleration of our actions, in January 2021 TMG announced a milestone of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Tokyo by 50% by 2030 (compared to 2000 levels) and increasing the use of electricity generated from renewable sources to approximately 50%.
In order to halve greenhouse gas emissions and realize the so-called “Carbon Half” by 2030, it is necessary to reconstruct and redesign socio-economic structures spanning all fields such as business, daily life and urban development to truly shift to a decarbonized society.
For this reason, TMG is advocating the “2030 Carbon-Half Style” as part of the vision for the necessary social changes.
With the slogan “TIME TO ACT”, we call on all actors in Japan and abroad to accelerate effective actions against climate change and promote further cooperation and collaboration to continue working towards the universal goal of “decarbonization”

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