Tackling the Climate Crisis: Zero Emission Tokyo Strategy – A Plan to Achieve Net-Zero CO2 Emissions, Pursuing 1.5℃ –

[Image: Shinjuku’s high-rise buildings framed by green foliage. photo by PIXTA]

In recent years, disasters believed to be related to global warming have resulted in serious damage around the world. With the entire planet in a dangerous situation, countries and cities around the world are implementing decarbonization efforts in recognition of the need for an urgent response to this issue.

In May 2019, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) took responsibility as a global megacity by declaring the “Zero Emission Tokyo” initiative, a plan to contribute to the world’s net-zero CO2 emission goal by 2050. In December 2019, Tokyo further laid out its Zero Emission Tokyo Strategy, a compilation of our vision, tangible measures, and a roadmap for achieving this goal.

This article will outline Tokyo's strategy for achieving the Zero Emission Tokyo goal, illustrated by concrete examples of some of these initiatives.

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