The Beautiful Nature of Tokyo – A Wealth of Charming Spots Found Around the Tokyo Metropolis –

[Image: Mt. Fuji and a crowd of buildings in Shinjuku. On days with clear weather, you can see Mt. Fuji from Tokyo. photo by PIXTA]

When asked about their image of Tokyo, many from overseas tend to describe the city as a “modern metropolis” or “trend epicenter”. The fact that Tokyo is Japan’s capital must also tie into this metropolitan image.

While Tokyo is a metropolis with crowds of high-rise buildings, both the heart of the city and its outskirts are full of lush nature and green spaces. The city has around 12,000 parks of varying sizes that altogether cover around 88,000 hectares, surprising international visitors with its abundant greenery.

The belief that we are sustained by nature has been in Japan since long ago. You could say that adapting to and living within a diversity of environments has become the norm, even in Metropolis.

This article will introduce some spots in Tokyo where you can enjoy and fully take in its nature. Why not take a detour during your visit for the Tokyo 2020 Games?

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