Aspiring to Be the Safest City in the World – Tokyo’s Disaster Prevention Measures Against Earthquakes and More –

People who hail from countries that rarely have earthquakes are usually surprised at the frequency of earthquakes in Japan.
However, Japan has continued to develop measures to survive earthquakes, such as creating buildings that can stand up to them. Japan has kept these disasters in mind and are prepared to mimimize damages in the event of an earthquake.
In fact, the five-story pagoda at Horyuji Temple, a World Cultural Heritage site in Nara that was built in the seventh century using ancient techniques unique to countries with frequent earthquakes.This has allowed it to remain standing for over a thousand years, keeping its beautiful appearance to this day.

Read on as we introduce some disaster management information that everyone should keep in the back of their mind, including ancient techniques on countering earthquakes and other urban disasters and countermeasures that have survived to this day.

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