The Robots Behind the Tokyo 2020 Games – For the Realization of a Gentle, Kind Society for All –

The Japanese government has advocated moving from an information society (Society 4.0) to the new Society 5.0, as a way of striving towards becoming a society of the future. Society 5.0 refers to a society where difficulties and problems will be overcome through IoT (Internet of Things), where information and knowledge is shared, people and objects are connected, and new things of importance are created. Here, we will introduce how bringing Society 4.0 to Society 5.0 through the IoT, together with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data, will be achieved through the development of robot technology.

In February 2020, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government(TMG) officially announced the “Smart Tokyo Implementation Strategy”, where they planned to bring out Tokyo’s full potential through the power of digitalization. Five test areas will first be set up with the latest high-speed mobile network technology, using 5G as a base, to provide cutting-edge service.

During the Tokyo 2020 Games, visitors will get to see and experience all of Japan’s advanced robotic technology throughout Tokyo. The TMG is making efforts to incorporate this technology into planning and development towards a city of tomorrow, not just during the Games, but also after it ends.
A world where both humans and robots live in harmony is something that children dream of. Yet this anime-like world will soon be upon us.

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