• Media Kits

    TMC-accredited media that visit the Tokyo Media Center facility will be given a media kit, so please make use of both the website and the TMC facility at Yurakucho when collecting information.

  • Workspace and Lounge

    Wi-Fi, power points, drinks, and so on are provided at the Workspace, so as to create a comfortable base of operations for people to work in. You can also relax in the Lounge next door during breaks.

  • Online Press Conferences and Briefings

    There will be online press briefings by the Governor and policymakers as well as talk sessions hosted by experts. There will also be chances to participate in Q&A sessions. You must have accreditation in order to participate in the Q&A sessions.

  • Online Concierge Service

    Concierges who can speak English and Japanese will support the media online with their various objectives. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you’re looking for information, wish to carry out interviews, etc.

  • Media Events

    We will deliver information on coverage events as well as events taking place at the TMC facility, such as PR booths for regions in Japan.

  • Press Resources

    We will provide images and videos on the areas within Tokyo, where the Games will be held, as well as data, images, videos, and pamphlets on Tokyo as a whole. Please feel free to use these resources to assist your coverage efforts.


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