The Tokyo Media Center will support the coverage efforts of accredited members in various ways.


The Tokyo Media Center provides a variety of services to accredited members. Updates on details for specific services can be found on My Page after April 2020.

  • Media Kits

    Accredited members that visit the Tokyo Media Center facility will be given a media kit, so please make use of both the website and the TMC facility at Yurakucho when collecting information.

  • Workspace and Lounge

    Free internet (cabled and Wi-Fi) connectivity, power outlets, drinks, and so on are provided at the Workspace, so as to create a comfortable base of operations for accredited members to work in. You can also relax in the Lounge next door during breaks.

  • Press Conferences and Briefings

    Press conferences by the Governor, briefings on Tokyo’s policies, and panel sessions with experts will be held in the conference room.

  • Meeting Rooms

    Several meeting rooms are available for any type of meeting.

  • Interview Rooms

    Easy-to-use studios can be rented for radio, television, or internet broadcasting.

  • Concierge Service

    At the TMC, there will be staff who can speak English and Japanese at the concierge desk. They will support the media with their various objectives. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you wish to carry out interviews, film intermissions or events, etc.

  • Media Events

    There will be an area where people can experience Japan’s traditions, culture, and latest technologies, as well as a space dedicated to broadcasting the various charms of Japan that will host various events.

  • Coverage Support

    A guideline on the things to consider when filming in the city will be provided. A list of locations for capturing Tokyo-esque backgrounds will also be prepared specifically for accredited members. Please use it for filming intermissions and events.

  • Media Tours

    Guided media tours based on various themes will allow the media to visit various locations. Please use this chance to visit some of the harder-to-reach locations around the city.