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The Tokyo Media Center is a facility operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to serve as a media coverage base for domestic and international media during the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.

It is separate from the Main Press Centre (MPC) and International Broadcast Centre (IBC), which are operated by the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee (Public Interest Incorporated Foundation). The Tokyo Media Center functions as a media coverage base and information provider, offering information related to the host city Tokyo as well as the Tokyo 2020 Games.

Message from the Governor of Tokyo

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Message from Koike Yuriko, Governor of Tokyo

This year, we are excited to host the long-awaited Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020. Tokyo hosted the 1964 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and will be the world’s first city to host the Summer Paralympics a second time.

The Tokyo 1964 Games, which were held during Japan’s postwar period of rapid economic growth, created many tangible legacies in the area of infrastructure.

In contrast, this time, we hope to use the opportunity presented by the Games to not only promote barrier-free improvements, with an eye to a society with a population that lives longer, but also show the world the model for a sustainable society, creating a legacy that is intangible and not readily visible. As part of these efforts a variety of initiatives are being implemented, including advanced recycling activities symbolized by the medals created from precious metals harvested from an “urban mine,” promotion of staggered commuting hours and telework (Smooth Biz), and promotion of volunteerism.

To enable many people to enjoy this new Tokyo, as well as to support the media in covering the Tokyo 2020 Games, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will establish the Tokyo Media Center as a hub for media coverage in Yurakucho, an area in the heart of the city, which also offers convenient access to Games venues. Under the “Connect in Tokyo” concept, the center will contribute to wide distribution of information, ranging from the constant flow of Games news to information on the infinite appeal of Tokyo and Japan. We hope that news, new connections and discoveries, and exchange are born out of this facility. The “Connect in Tokyo” concept expresses that spirit.

Through a variety of means, including press conferences, we will work to promote the message that “a great deal of talent, goods, and information converge in Tokyo.” I look forward to meeting you at the Tokyo Media Center, where a comfortable environment for media coverage awaits you

Koike Yuriko
Governor of Tokyo

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Connect in Tokyo

From here, all the excitement of Tokyo 2020
will be communicated – from the greatest athletic drama
to the endless excitement of one of the world’s great cities.
From here, information is generated,
encounters take place, friendships arise.
From here, the world connects to Tokyo.
From here, the world connects to itself.
This is the Tokyo Media Center,
the hub that connects the world in countless ways.
Now it’s your turn to connect.
From here, you can see the new Tokyo,
expanding beyond all expectations.

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